The Gardening Conference is much more like a gathering of gardeners over the back fence than a visit to the Ag Extension office…except the fellow-gardeners providing the answers and advice live anywhere The WELL finds subscribers.

Some of us are back-yard putterers, some are market gardeners, some are landscapers, some have a few pots on the patio, some are collectors of native plants. The host keeps a collection of gardening and pest-control reference books next to her terminal for ready answers to esoteric questions.

The slant definitely favors organic, sustainable methods of growing and pest control. The topics range from specific questions on specific species to philosophical debates on ‘invasive exotics’.

If you’re worried about your Ficus benjamina, if you want to find a good local nursery, if you’re trying to find the right plant for a specific purpose, or if you just want to brag about your tomatoes, dig into the gardening conference.

How’s your compost pile doing?

Hosted by: C J Phillips (cjp), Alan Turner (arturner)

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