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The WELL, launched back in 1985 as the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, continues to provide a cherished watering hole for articulate and playful thinkers from all walks of life.

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David Gans, Musician
The Media conference, which I co-founded 20 years ago, is a meeting place for articulate, wise, and knowledgeable people from a great variety of professions and philosophies. In deadlit, we talk about the music, art and community of the Grateful Dead; and in the Oakland conference, we discuss neighborhood and civic matters, compare notes on restaurants, recommend auto mechanics, and more. So much collective wisdom in an easy-to-use plain-text wetware wonderland. [See more people, more suggestions...]


Featured Conversations

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Science in the news
Interpretations freely given by the media (Members only)

Gotta build?
Notes from those tackling a kitchen remodel (Members only)

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Membership is not for everyone, partly because we are non-anonymous here. Here's how to decide whether The WELL is for you, and whether you're for The WELL. [Before you join...]

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