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The WELL, launched back in 1985 as the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, provides a cherished watering hole for articulate and playful thinkers from all walks of life.

Why is this conversation so treasured?

Why did members of this community pull together to buy the service?

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Where in The WELL are you?

Alan Turner, landscape architect
The first conference I visit is News, which is mainly about what's going on around The WELL, but also has pointers to interesting news of the world. Then I move on to Media, which covers the public pulse so well I don't have to watch TV: the conference members there do it for me. For fun I like the Words conference. There's always a game or punfest going on, or some idiosyncratic discussion about punctuation. [See more people, more suggestions...]


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What are you lookin' at?

A rotating gallery of original photos by WELL members.

Getting into The WELL

Membership is not for everyone, partly because we are non-anonymous here. Here's how to decide whether The WELL is for you, and whether you're for The WELL. [Before you join...]

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