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Logging in to The WELL

Here are some suggestions for handling problems that arise when you log in to The WELL with a ssh application.

If this happens: A "login incorrect" message appears.
This may be the reason: You entered your login or password incorrectly.
Try doing this: Be sure you enter your login in lower case letters only. Be aware that passwords are case sensitive.

If the "login incorrect" message keeps appearing, you might get a new password on the Password Help page. If you still can't log in, email or call us at (415) 343-5731 between 9am and 5pm, Pacific time Monday through Friday.

If this happens: A "connection refused by local host" or "host unavailable" message appears.
This may be the reason: The WELL could be down. Check the System Status Page for updates. Your ISP may be having trouble reaching The WELL.

Try doing this: Call your ISP. If your ISP is having trouble with their Domain Name Server (DNS) you could enter the Using The WELL

Here are some explanations and solutions for problems that may occur while you are using The WELL.

If this happens: Backspace doesn't work.
This may be the reason: The backspace setting in your communications software needs to be changed.
Try doing this: The backspace setting affects how the communication program responds to the Backspace key. Depending on the way your communications software conceives of the function, it may be set to On, Off, Delete, Character, or Destructive. In general, the solution is to change it to whatever it isn't now. The backspace setting is usually located in the Terminal settings portion of the program.

If this happens: Characters or lines are cut off.
This may be the reason: You have resized the window, or your terminal display is smaller than usual.
Try doing this: Make the display window bigger. A standard screen is 80 characters wide (80 "columns") by 24 lines high (24 "rows"). You should make the display window 79 or 80 characters wide, no wider.

If this happens: Text scrolls right up off the top of the screen so fast that you can't read it.
This may be the reason: You may have turned off the screen page utility. If you have turned the screen page utility (the "pager") off, text scrolls until it has reached the end of the file. It does not stop in convenient screenfuls.
Try doing this: Use the Settings menu to turn the pager on.

If this happens: You can't get a whole new screenful from the More prompt.
This may be the reason: You are pressing the Return key instead of the spacebar.
Try doing this: Don't worry, that's the way it works. Return gives one more line. Spacebar gives one more full screen.

If this happens: Your screen suddenly becomes wacky, as if it were using a foreign language.
This may be the reason: Your terminal screen may need to be reset.
Try doing this: In your desktop ssh application, select "reset" from the menu. If that doesn't work, you may have to shut down and reopen your WELL session.

Using email

If this happens: Your mail message "bounces". The message says something like "unknown user ID."
This may be the reason: You entered an incorrect login or Internet address. This can occur for email sent to a member of The WELL or to anyone on the Internet.
Try doing this: Check the login or Internet address and send the message again.

See also Getting and sending email.

If this happens: You are receiving unacceptable amounts of unwanted commercial email or "spam".

Try doing this: Set up The WELL's SpamAssassin, greylisting and other anti-spam tools that are described on Spam and SpamAssassin.

Getting more help

If you can't find the answer to your problem here, please send an email message to customer support at <>. You may also call customer support at (415) 343-5731. If you reach the voicemail message, leave your name, your telephone number, and your username and we'll call you back.


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