The muse
  1. What is the muse?
  2. Getting started
  3. Basic commands
  4. Getting help

What is the muse?

MUSE is an acronym for MultiUser Simulation Environment. A MUSE is similar to a platform called a MUD, associated with Dungeons and Dragons. People who take part in a MUSE may call it a virtual environment or a text-based playhouse.

Our MUSE is a place where you can interact in real time with other WELL members in the setting of a virtual world. You have a character (or persona), and you interact with other people's characters. MUSErs often set up times to meet one another, or they schedule virtual parties where many people enter our MUSE world at the same time.

As you become familiar with our MUSE, you may become interested in using its authoring language to create rooms of your own, and to place objects in the landscape. Then other people can visit the space you create and interact with what you have created. For example, MUSErs have created a dinosaur theme park, the homes of their favorite authors, and even art galleries with lyrical text "paintings." While little used today, it is a remarkable creative artifact.

Getting started

The best way to get started is visit the Musers' Conference and ask questions. For more information and to get a copy of the manual, see the MUSErs conference on The WELL.

For announcements of parties and other gatherings, visit the MUSErs Conference.

To enter the muse, from the Main menu choose 5 The muse.

---- World wellmuse ----
To enter the WELLmuse, type one of the following commands:

connect                           Connects you as your existing character
QUIT                              Quits (must be all caps) and closes
                                  connection to the WELLmuse

Enter your command here:

To connect, enter connect character-name, using the character name that you have registered. The muse requests the password you have set up.

To leave the muse, enter QUIT. Be sure to use all UPPER-CASE LETTERS for the QUIT command.

Getting help

The WELL provides several sources of information to help you work with The muse. When you are in the muse, you can see online help.

  • To see a list of basic commands, enter help quick.
  • To see a full description of what you can do, enter help.

The best source of additional information is the Musers Conference. You can go to the Musers Conference by typing g mu at the OK prompt.


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