Crab Fest 2005, Part I

Crab Fest 2005, Part I
On Sunday, January 9, twenty of us gathered “Chez Peoples” to dine on 60 pounds of fresh crab and all the side dishes we could manage to consume. The weather, which had threatened to be flood-level storms, turned downright placid, with pale gray skies mingled with bright patches of sunshine

Tweezer kitty believes all our crab are belong to her.

Your party hosts, peoples and Mr. Peoples, don the Mystic Crab Hats

The first crabby guest to arrive is oz

Next, jloree shows off his crab-dance moves


ode and Janice are crabby on the porch

gower and Delia



NOTW John and Marissa

ellen and kathbran check out the garage, AKA the bike house

Lovely reet snuggles up to Charlie McCarthy

Angela (NOTW) and julieswn



Time to eat!

Chowing down

Two rooms full of crab-eaters


Gimme that!

Delia & gower, lookin’ good without the goofy crab hats

The aftermath

Some folks went for a post-prandial bike ride

ode and Janice, thought about dessert

The sunset at the day’s end

comet, who tried to avoid wearing the crab hat, was waylaid curbside

But wait, there’s more!