Crab Fest 2005, Part II

The party in January was so much fun we decided to have a second fest in early February. We called it “Crab Fest 10.1” and we held it at the Log Cabin near Mill Valley, where we’d gathered two years before for Crab Fest 2003.


The gathering begins…
needtono, karish, kathbran, mcb, Joan

All signed in on the chalkboard

The calm before the storm [of eaters]

kathleen preps her side dish

A simple & delicious offering of fruit, cheeses and crackers

Ladies and gentlemen, don your crab bibs!

The freeding frenzy begins… From lower left, around the table:
Anne, peoples, cooljazz (standing), wiggly, aronan, jloree, karish, needtono, artlife, Joan, kathbran, kathleen, Emily, back of jbk’s head

Twenty-one of us made our way through 75 pounds of crab!

peeps and wiggly are willing to eat their share of that 75 pounds

From left: julieswn, ronks (looking out window), mcb (reaching), jbk, frako, kathleen

Janice & ode

jloree prepares to dig in

Some folks eat crab one leg at a time, others prefer the “hoarder” style.

Joan, ronks, kathbran

Almost everybody who attended
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