Oyster Fest 2002

Oyster Fest 2002
(photos by peoples and mcb)

dlee arrives with a cooler full of goodies

kathbran arrives with her new dog, Stella.

scarlet brings a grin

The earliest arrivals dig into the oysters.
From left, facing camera: reet, scarlet, ode, frako, jloree, ellen.
(woodman and NOTW Bill have their backs to the camera.

ode and mcb

Lin (NOTW), jbk and Anne (Mrs. jbk) and the gorgeous breads ode baked.

onezie and woodman

aronan takes charge of getting the barbecue going.

kareesh and his briefcase of bbq tools

jayson checks out the oysters on the Q.

Oysters surrounding a piece of chicken.


Some of the gorgeous side dishes folks brought

frako and jloree

Gettin’ down to the business of partying.


mcb sings for aronan


The hordes descend on the dessert table

Clockwise from left: pbs, wickett, paris, flash, reet

jloree is still bent on shucking oysters, and reet returns for another round.

dlee and paris

nanlev, Anne, laura-mac, scarlet

flash cracks up clmyers

Stella, wickett, Sam (NOTW), kathbran


Bob (NOTW) arrives late and tries desperately to catch up.

jayson and pbs lead the recitation of The Walurus and the Carpenter

karish, with Bo the Magnificent.

needtono and nanlev

But what about our feet?

ellen, Zuzu (? NOTW) and needtono have something in common…

A passion for blue-hued tonail polish.

And then there was peoples’ footwear



aronan and ellen, getting silly.

As the sun sets on Miwok Meadows and the last stragglers leave the picnic, a lone quail basks in the late afternoon sunlight

A cluster of deer graze in the meadow next to our picnic site.


  Oysterfest 2001