The WELL is an idiosyncratic beast, so it’s hard to characterize any of its users exactly, but there is a group of people who hang out and discuss the subject of drugs, substances that affect the mind. Some see an intrinsic value in the ingestion of some, but not all, and often not the same, mind-altering substances. There’s a few that don’t see much point in taking any kind of drug, or eating meat for that matter, but wouldn’t think of restricting someone else from doing so. Some of the people are libertarian in nature, who feel that any individual has a right to ingest any substance purely on the grounds of civil liberties. Some are old hippies, some are young and unclassifiable. Some are doctors and lawyers. Some are computer programmers. Some are unreconstructed hedonists.

This page is an effort to characterize that “community”, if you’ll pardon the expression. You’ll find links to some individual sites, and links to sites that come recommended by some of the habitues of the Drugs Conference. We think the interested person might find more usefulness browsing these sites than going to a Web search engine like Yahoo and typing in the word “drugs”. This page serves the same purpose as the Drugs Conference itself, a place to learn about this volatile subject in an open environment with an informed group of people.

Links for Thinkers
Hosted by: David Gans (tnf) and Stan Weddington (plantone)

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