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Getting and sending email

If you have a membership that has enabled mail, you can use with other members of The WELL and users of other email systems connected to the Internet. Historically, email was handled by UNIX programs at the shell. Most of that infrastructure has been superseded.

The WELL offers a number of ways to access your email, including configuring your IMAP or POP desktop or mobile applications, and using your Web browser to log in directly to our mail server to easily read and send mail. Choose the method that is most convenient for you at Using Email.

As you will see, you may still use the Alpine program at the shell to let you see your mail via the imap protocol from if you wish.

NOTE: Enter: bio login at the OK prompt to find member's email addresses in their bio.


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Getting and sending email
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PicoSpan Command Summary

For instructions about using PicoSpan menus, see Menu basics. Note that to Enter a command, you type the command followed by the Return or Enter key.

Look for more documentation of legacy commands in the picohelp conference. For documentation of the newer web-based access to the same conference content, see the newer guide to direct engagement using your browser.

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