The Muse

What was the muse?

MUSE is an acronym for MultiUser Simulation Environment. A MUSE is similar to a platform called a MUD, associated with Dungeons and Dragons. People who take part in a MUSE may call it a virtual environment or a text-based playhouse. The WELL Muse existed for about ten very creative years before activity wound down and it was closed. It was not part of the PicoSpan application, but at one time directions for using it were presented in this menu.

There is some archived discussion of the project at the now-quiet MUSErs conference on The WELL. You can also go to the Musers Conference by typing g mu at the OK prompt.

For instructions about using PicoSpan menus, see Menu basics. Note that to Enter a command, you type the command followed by the Return or Enter key.

Look for more documentation of legacy commands in the picohelp conference. For documentation of the newer web-based access to the same conference content, see the newer guide to direct engagement using your browser.