This page is an ongoing project that we hope will continue to expand as various members of The WELL's cooking conference contribute their favorite recipes to the collection.

Stop paying $5.95 for a head of roasted garlic at that fancypants gourmet shop! You can make it at home for a tenth the price.

Tired of the blandness of canned chicken stock? Try making your own with Mark's Crazy-good Chicken Stock recipe.

Tamale Pie has come a long way since the all-canned-ingredients concoctions of the 1950s.

Here's an Italian preparation for your next poultry dinner, Chicken with Marinated Peppers.

Looking for an interesting way to deal with the holiday bird? Then try this Five Spice Turkey recipe.

Check out pbs's Roast Chicken recipe for the secret to perfect poultry succulence.

This FanFrickenChickenTastic recipe, a variation on "beer-can chicken," is a stroke of genius.

Here's a recipe for lamb stew from restaurateur jordan1.

How about some Thai Squid?

While we're on seafood, here's an excellent recipe for penne with tuna sauce.

Wondering what to do with those potatoes besides mashing them? Try gower's "Rustico" Potatoes recipe!

This Butternut Squash Soup is easy to make, and so satisfying.

Here's a simple but elegant Pumpkin Soup.

And try this Tortilla Soup, too!

Possibly the best Chocolate Angel Pie recipe on the planet.

Or perhaps you're looking for a quick and easy recipe for a decadent fruit cobbler?

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