Crab Fests

The WELL’s Cooking Conference Crab FestsSince 1995, The WELL Cooking conference has held a potluck crab fest each year. Twenty or more people gather to feast upon gloriously fresh Dungeness crab complemented by a wonderful variety of homemade dipping sauces and side dishes brought by the attendees. Offerings might include homemade goodies ranging from exquisitely toothsome ciabatta and hand-picked, home-cured olives to Meyers lemon squares and chocolate cheesecakes.


2011 Crab Fest, January 22, 2011
2010 Crab Fest
Crab Fest XII, January 27, 2007
The 2006 Crab Fest
Our 2005 crab feed was a two-parter, with Part I in January and Part II in February.
Crab 2003
Crab Fest 2002

The following images are from the first time we tried to capture a crab fest digitally. The photos came out dark and grainy, and though at the time they seemed like a fine record of Crab Fest 2001, we’re glad that digital cameras have improved so much in the past few years.