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Conferences are the heart of The WELL. A vibrant online community emerges from thousands of conversations in hundreds of ongoing gathering places.

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Each has a distinct flavor and crowd. A few are open to the whole world to read now. Most are open to all The WELL members. Some limit access to smaller private groups.

Regulars check in frequently at one or perhaps many conferences, to offer expertise, debate ideas, play word games and indulge in gossip and banter.

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Guest-readable Conferences
(all may read, no password required)

Authors and Ideas: Inkwell.vue *
Songs of The Dead: Deadsongs.vue *

Featured Conferences
(members only) are grouped in 10 categories:

Arts, Entertainment and the Media
Music, Design, Pop Culture, Media …

Computers, Tools and Science
Web Design, Linux, Mac, Science …

Home and Private Life
Singles, Gay, Cooking, Parenting …

Mind, Spirit and Health
Fitness, Spirituality, Jewish, Philosophy …

Money and Livelihood
Work, Investments, Byline, eBay …

Recreation and Adventure
Travel, Sports, Games, Motorcycles …

Britain, New York, Berkeley, Rocky Mountains …

Society, Politics and Education
Current Events, Politics, Legal, Experts …

Using The WELL
Welcome, Spam Control, The WELL Web Access, Policies …

Etc Etc Etc …

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