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The place to discuss methods, recipes, ingredients, cookbooks, to plan parties (such as our winter crab feed, our annual OysterFests, our summer crawfish festival, and even a Lobster feast), and to share all the weirdness and wonderfulness connected to food and the people who eat it.

From picky eating to baba ghanoush, from self-cleaning garlic presses to bizarre canned goods, you'll find it all in the Cooking conference! We even have a topic to talk about kitchen disasters.

Some of the things that make The WELL Cooking Conference special are the breadth of our discussion, the far-reaching experience of our conference members, and the ridiculous humor that threads through every discussion. For example, here's a silly (but really tasty) erotic kugel recipe. Or check out our favorite x-rated picture.

Hosted by: Jessica Merz (baker), Cynthia Dyer-Bennet (peoples)

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