Shortcut Box and Keyboard Shortcuts

There are two kinds of Shortcuts inside The WELL:

Shortcut Box

Find the text entry box labeled Shortcut on your navigation toolbar. By entering text commands into this box, followed by the return or enter key, you have some of the the most-used navigation and conversation tools at your fingertips.

addEnter add conferencename to add a conference to your list ("My Conference List") for navigational convenience. For example: add pets adds the Pets Conference to your list so you can see when it has new activity, and visit easily.
b, browseconferencename puts you into a Conference to "browse" its page of topic titles. For example: b arts lets you see the topic list of the Arts Conference. Click on a topic to go over into the conference.

b since -number will list topics that have had new responses in the past specified number of days. This command acts on the conference where you are now. For example: b since -5 will show topics with posts from within 5 days in the conference where you are now.

b "keyword" will list topics in the conference you are in now that include a particular part of a word, word, or phrase in the title. For example, b "Da Vinci" will yield all topics with Da Vinci in the title. The quotation marks are necessary.

b for will list topics you have forgotten because you previously decided not to display them. Click Recent or All in the upper toolbar to go back to your list of topics in the conference.
biobio username displays a community member's short profile and "plan" statement. For example: bio puffball, where puffball is a login name.
fixseenfixseen conferencename will mark all topics in a conference as if they have been seen by you. For example: fixseen pets marks all topics in the Pets Conference as if they were seen. It is especially useful after taking a vacation from a high volume conference.
forgetforget conferencename topicnumber will remove a topic from your view of the topic list. For example: forget pets 112 blocks topic 112 in the Pets Conference from your view on future visits. To include the topic in your list of active topics again, enter remember conferencename topicnumber. Reload the page with the topic list if you wish to see your changes immediately.
g, gogo conferencename is a simple way to go to a conference directly from anywhere you can see the shortcut box. For example, g writers (all lower-case) takes you to the Writers Conference.
  • conferencename topicnumber takes you directly into a particular topic in a conference.

  • conferencename topicnumber reponsenumber goes to a specific post.

  • confname topicnumber postnumber- will show all posts including and after that post. For example, g welltech 370 1422-. Note the trailing dash.

  • confname topicnumber earlypostnumber-laterpostnumber will show a limited post number range. For example, g welltech.370.1422-1422

  • You may also use the dot-separated notation format of  confname.topicnumber.postnumber For example, g welltech.370.1422

link confname topicnumberto myconfsnamelink is a host-only command available to hosts of Featured Conferences who wish to make a topic in another conference also part of the conference they host, indicated as myconfsname. The permission of the host of the second conference is obtained, then the host uses link confname topicnumber to myconfsname to incorporate the new material. (Ask the hosts if they would be willing to link in a topic if you feel it would enrich a conference.)
nn goes to to the next conference containing new discussion items on "My Conference List."
prepre conferencename preserves a topic as unread. pre conferencename topicnumber responsenumberpreserves the responses in the specified topic after the number selected as unread. For example, pre arts 413 will keep the same new posts starting at 413 flagged as new in topic 413 in the Arts Conference "new" for your next visit to the conference, even if you just saw some of them. (Any additional newer posts added to that topic by then will also be part of the new material shown to you then.)
rememberremember topicnumber reinstates a previously "forgotten" topic to your Recent and All topic list displays.
removeremove conferencename removes the designated conference from "My Conference List". (See add.)
s, seesee displays specified posts, such as:

see since # (days) conferencename displays new responses posted in the last # of days in the conference (one discussion at a time). For example s since 3 books will show as new responses that have been posted within the last 3 days in the Books Conference.

see n conferencename displays the new responses, one discussion topic at a time, in the conference you specify. This only works after you have visited that conference at least once, since "new" refers to since your last visit. For example, see n music

see conferencename takes you to that conference and displays the current topic list. For example: see media takes you into the Media Conference and shows you the list of the topics with new responses there.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts: You can use Keyboard Shortcuts to move from conference to conference and topic to topic around your Conference List simply by typing a key on the page itself. Hover your cursor over Keystrokes in the navigation bar for a list of keystrokes. They can be disabled and re-enabled on the Options page of your Settings.

Keyboard shortcuts are always ignored when you’re in a text box, for example, creating a post or a pseud or typing a command directly into the Shortcut Box. Keyboard shortcuts may interfere with the operation of a few browser plugins and addons. In rare cases you may also have to turn off or adjust popup blockers for optimum performance. Opening new tabs may also interfere. These effects are temporary. If you don’t get the action you expect, just click anywhere around the page margins to give the focus back to your shortcuts.

Keyboard ShortcutResult

C, cOpens the page listing all conferences.

G, gGoes into the command shortcut box to accept your additional commands. See the top of this page for more information about how to use the shortcut box.

H, hHelp opens up this guide.

K, kKeep new: leaves the "new" indication the same for the topic you are reading. (Only works while visiting a specific topic, or when doing a See New tour with settings that put each topic onto its own page)

L, lGoes back to My Conference List page.

M, mShows your placeMarks page.

N, nNext or New advances through "My Conference List". Depending where you are, N will:

Behave like the Pass button when you are viewing the end of a Topic

Invoke Global See New from "My Conference List."

Invoke See New within a conference from a Topic List page

P, pPasses the post box at the end of a topic, taking you to the next item in your tour of new posts, or else takes you to the topic list of the conference you are in.

R, rGo to the post (Response) box (only works when the post box is actually visible on the current page - it won't work if you are on a See New tour where you will have to click the button to bring up the post box)

S, sOpen the Search page.

T, tShows the Topic list for the conference you are currently in.