The Conferencing Toolbar

The Toolbar lets you navigate between conferences, customize your settings, access your placemarks or search your conferences. By default, the Toolbar is located at the bottom of your conferencing window. You may position it differently if you choose.

My List returns you to your personal Conference List and updates the conferences flagged as having new items for you to read. See Your personal conference list.

List Topics displays a list of the topics within a conference See Inside a conference.

Placemarks opens a new browser window showing your Placemarks. See Placemarks.

History opens a window listing discussion items that you have recently read.

Search opens a window in which you can do a search of conferences, topics, people and posts. Select the focus of your search from the Search Type list, then follow the instructions.

Settings opens a window in which you can configure your conferencing environment. See Settings.

Conferences displays a directory of conferences you may read and join.

Log Off terminates your conferencing session.

Help in red or a red question mark accesses these help pages.

Shortcut box Enter various commands in this box to move around The WELL and change your Conference List. See Shortcuts.