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Always drive in reverse!

The subway station is a cool refreshing place to hangout when the heat and dirt of the street got you down. Fresh fruit stands line the halls and it smells terrific.

Agent Orange (abbe)


A joint study released today by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Mental Health, and published by the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates that stress is a powerful calorie burner. It has been estimated that one hour of good, solid worry burns as many calories as a thirty minute jog. Many of the participants in the test reported seeing excess pounds "melt away" simply by fretting in the privacy of their own homes. Doctors at NIH report that the resulting effects on the human heart are negligible in relation to the salutary effects of weight loss. Not surprisingly, commercial interests have been quick to exploit these findings; a joint venture between Pacific Gas & Electric and Chevron has been formed to develop a generator that would allow an average-sized adult to power an electric car at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour simply by thinking about his or her parents.

Dan Levy (danlevy)

There's a plan to clear up all Bay Area traffic problems within six months.

Howard Rheingold (hlr)

To prevent head on collisions, always drive in reverse!

Frederick John Truck (fjt)

Bad news travels fast unless it takes the 30 Stockton.

Michael Stone (stone)

If you remove the catalytic converter from your car you can check the gas line with a match.

Disclaimer: please remember this is badinfo. thank you.

The Mechanic (dhawk)

Sitting in traffic on the LIE (Long Island Expressway) is so much fun because you know you are in good company.

Bag Lady (abbe)



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